We’re telling tales …

June was mostly about story telling. Beginning with us writing up the stories of the twenty-six candidates we’re putting forward to our new member firms for consideration as part of the next Reignite Academy programme, which will run September 2019 to March 2020.

Why stories and not CVs? Well, the CV is there as well but our candidates have had such interesting journeys since they left private practice that it’s only by understanding and telling their stories that the wealth of their experience comes to life. We are very excited about hearing the reactions from member firms and organising interviews as we move into the next phase of the process.

And talking of stories, we had a wonderful evening at Macfarlanes earlier this month, celebrating our joint HR in Law awards and hearing from the people involved in the pilot programme. Melinda, Stephanie and Lisa did very short introductions but most of the time was spent hearing from the Reignite Associates and the partners they are working for.

Hearing them answer questions like:

Q. “How did the young associates react?” (to having you older people on the team was the unspoken bit) A.“Universally positive.”

Q.“What prompted you as a partner to take a Reignite associate onto the team?” A.“We can’t afford to miss out on great talent.”

Q. “How difficult was it getting back up to speed after a long time away from the law?” A. “Surprisingly easy – I didn’t have to catch up on 17 years of changes, it was just about getting back up to speed with where the law is now.”

Despite awful weather – it poured with rain all day – not only did we have great attendance, the first cohort of Reigniters presented us with flowers!

Speaking of member firms, we were thrilled to have Brenda Trenowden, Global Chair of the 30% Club, at the bootcamp for interested candidates held on 7th June at PwC.

Brenda recently joined the firm as a partner in their People and Organisation team. She told the story of how she persuaded a woman she’d met at the school gates, who was, at the time, a full time mum, to return to work with her in a quasi PA-type role. After some reluctance and the usual fretting about “being out of it”, the woman agreed and now, ten years later, has a very senior position at the bank.

We’re planning a series of thought leadership and networking events in the Autumn. One of those in the schedule will look at how to make agile working work in a law firm environment. Brenda will be on the panel – so, look out for more information on invitations. We’ll share the details in our newsletters and Facebook Group.