Our mission is to help lawyers navigate successful long term careers.

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We look beyond your last role to understand the full breadth of your experience.  We connect lawyers with employers who value diversity and have an inclusive approach.  They may have either permanent or temporary opportunities and every placement is supported by our unique, tailored transition coaching.

Training and Development

Our training courses provide you with the knowledge and skills to progress your career, whether your aim is to progress further in your career, plan your return after a career hiatus or prepare to make your next move.

Outplacement Support

Our unique mix of recruitment and coaching skills, combined with an unparalleled knowledge of the legal sector, makes us perfectly placed to help you plan your future and secure your next role.

“Women’s career paths rarely travel in straight lines, which is why we often see women disappearing from the ranks of middle management across many professions.   Law is no different. Formal returnship programmes are springing up in several sectors to enable women to reignite their careers after taking a career break or following a period in a less demanding role.   The Reignite Academy focuses on the legal sector.”

“The main block to getting back was my lack of confidence. Reignite helped me massively on that front with encouragement, support and practical advice.”  

We have opportunities in London and the South East, Birmingham and Bristol.

Return to Law: Stories, Advice & Inspiration from Reignite Alumni

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“Relaunching your legal career? How to pivot in a different direction”

How do you navigate a non-linear legal career? What are the opportunities when you are relaunching your career after a hiatus? How do you position yourself to secure a role that best suits you?

At the Reignite Academy we help people answer these questions and find new opportunities for their legal careers. Join us on 24th February 2022 at 1pm to hear the stories of some others who have found ways to use their previous legal experience as a launchpad for the next phase of their careers.

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The Founders

The Reignite Academy is being spearheaded by a team which brings the full breadth of skills and experience that a project of this nature demands: knowledge of the legal sector; experience of how to surface, screen and interview a unique and untapped talent pool; and a depth of understanding of the needs of people who reached a senior level prior to taking a break and who are now ready to reclaim their careers.  

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