Welcome Back

Considering returning to work? Looking for a new direction? Unsure where to start? Start here.

Reignite Events & Recordings

Join our online workshops for practical stategies and tactics to relaunch or pivot your career. Connect with us and like-minded women.

In-person Event with RPC. How to Become a (Commercial) In House Lawyer – Monday 3rd June 2024. 10am – 2pm.

Online panel event: Relaunching your legal career? Our panel offer advice, tips and inspiration. Wednesday 17th April 12.00 – 1.00pm.

Design your Future

How would you describe “Brand You”? hat does your ideal role look like? Where do you see yourself in the future?

Networking & LinkedIn

Your network is more powerful than you could imagine. Learn how to mobilise and leverage your connections.

CV & Tools of the Trade

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Interview Skills

Make sure you nail that interview: How to prepare, conduct, and follow up.

Brush up on Legal Skills

Where to go to brush up on your legal skills before you throw yourself back in.

Reading List

Books that will inspire, inform and educate you on the journey back to your future.

Our site uses cookies. Visit our Privacy Policy to learn more.

Our site uses cookies. Visit our Privacy Policy to learn more.