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Membership for candidates is free. Join us and become part of our growing community.  In addition to providing you with access to the latest job opportunities, we offer regular training and knowledge sharing events.  Our newsletters and networking opportunities will enable you to connect with other lawyers who have successfully reignited their careers and provide you with inspiration as you consider your own future.

Join us for a 90 minute bootcamp style workshop where we will provide you with all the information, tops and tactics you need to Reignite your career. The next workshop will take place in London on 7th June.

Help shape the future of the Reignite Academy

January 2019 saw 10 “career break” lawyers reignite their city careers. Where they lead, we want to ensure more can follow. The Reignite Academy is now building on the success of our pilot by engaging with more firms who recognise the untapped potential in people who trained in the city and whose careers then took a different path, for all sorts of reasons.

We now need input from anyone in that situation. What would motivate you to return? Personal fulfilment, the money, the people? And what would you need to help make that return a success? Is it about a re-emersion in the law, or is it more about modern office technology? Or is it all about the culture and environment.

Please help us shape the future of the Reignite Academy by providing your input here. 100% confidential and it will take no more than 5 minutes. And please share with others. The more input we receive, the better the quality of the programme we can offer.

“Each year, too many talented lawyers are lost from the profession.  It is our hope that through the Reignite Academy we can help provide meaningful paid work experience, training and a confidence boost to those wishing to return”

Tamara BoxManaging Partner Europe and Middle East, Reed Smith