The Reignite Academy

The Reignite Academy is a unique membership organisation that provides law firms with access to an untapped talent pool:  experienced lawyers who are ready to return to the profession after a career hiatus.

This can be through a six month returnship-style programme or through direct placement of candidates who are ready to return into permanent or contract roles.

How the Programme works

The Reignite Academy Programme runs twice a year and works as a collaboration between the Academy and participating member firms.  Member firms identify opportunities where they need to plug their talent gaps and successful candidates are provided with a six month period of paid training, coaching and work experience.

Training and Education

The Reignite Academy offers members bespoke “bootcamp” style workshops to encourage alumni to consider a return to the law.  We also provide training and education for hiring managers, recruiters, line managers, diversity professionals and HR in how to interview and induct people with non-linear careers.

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