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Inclusive Recruitment

We help our clients access the best talent.

Our inclusive approach enables us to provide law firms with a much broader range of diverse candidates and has been proven to improve representation of women at mid to senior levels.  Our candidates offer depth and breadth of experience in what has often been a varied career. 

Coupled with our tailored transition coaching and training, this means that they are well placed to quickly succeed in a new environment.  

Building the Future Pipeline of Female Talent

We know that, in order to progress, lawyers need to be able to develop their own book of business.  Technical skills alone will only take you so far.  Whilst lawyers are encouraged to create their own business plans, many remain unclear about exactly how to go about it. 

Our “Becoming a Rainmaker” training course teaches lawyers how to create and action a plan that will enable them to establish their market positioning, build reach and reputation, and prepare them for promotion to the next level.

Outplacement Support

Whether they are leaving because of a fall off in market demand, or because their career at your firm is reaching its end, how you treat people on the way out says volumes about your values.  Your actions in times like these are as important to those who stay behind as they are to those who, sadly, are let go. 

The Reignite Academy team has a track record of helping people back into work under extraordinary circumstances. Our methods cut through the grey and uncertainty around job searching, allowing individuals to play to their competitive strengths and to uncover new opportunities. Our coaching support provides psychological and emotional reinforcement during what can be a challenging and confronting time.

We can provide outplacement support on either a one to one basis or to small groups.