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We help our clients address the under-representation of women at mid to senior levels across the legal profession.

“The rate at which talented women drop out of law is one of the biggest challenges we face as a profession. The Reignite Academy is taking a practical and incredibly thoughtful approach to addressing this problem.”

We do this via our following services.

The Reignite Academy Programme

This flexible, development-focused programme matches lawyers with opportunities one of our member firms. Participants complete a fully supported fixed term (usually six months) period of paid training, coaching and work experience. Part time and/or flexible working is considered for most of our roles. Our aim is to secure you a permanent role at the end of the six months.

“The main block to getting back was my lack of confidence. Reignite helped me massively on that front with encouragement, support and practical advice”.

We currently have opportunities in London and the South East and in Birmingham.

Inclusive Recruitment

We have opportunities for candidates to fill open roles within private practice and in-house. People going back into these roles after a career hiatus are provided with the full support of the Reignite team, including access to a personal coach and regular training opportunities.

Consulting Solutions

Our consulting solutions help clients make an impact on the retention and progression of women within their firms.

We understand the barriers and obstacles to the advancement of women in the legal profession. Unique research, along with our experience of working with female lawyers provides insights into why women leave, what they do next and their motivation to return. Our membership model allows us to look across the whole legal supply chain to unlock the solutions that can make a difference.

We use this knowledge, together with a robust theoretical framework to help our clients pinpoint specific issues and identify practical solutions.

Training & Development

Our training offer builds capability in female lawyers so that they are able to navigate a path for them that works over the long term. At the same time, we know that to make a real impact, there is also a need to educate and train leaders and managers.

The impact made by maternity coaching programme, will be quickly eroded if a maternity returner returns to an unsupportive partner, team and working environment. Recognising that women’s careers often do not follow straight lines and being able to help people navigate a non-linear career is an essential skill for any partner with group responsibilities. Helping women build their business development and rainmaker skills is the job of the line partner as well as a priority for the women themselves.

All of our training and development topics can, where appropriate, be tailored to address the needs of partners and line managers as well as building deeper skills female lawyers.

We provide group training and also have a network of coaches who can provide both one to one and small group support.